My experience with Expert print ltd from doncaster and Barry Pearson, the bloke who runs it.

It's been
1810 days, 18 hours, 22 minutes, 9 seconds Since Expert Print Ltd screwed up the first job I placed with them.

Below is my story, but it is no isolated story and we have more information regarding expert print and some of the things they do.

if you have a story that you would like to share please email: and we'll help others avoid having a terrible print experience.


We have some explosive materials that will show the extent that expert print have gone to, the similarites of missed deadlines, fake promises, threats and abuse is shocking to say the least. It left a customer feeling threatened and needing to contact the police and right up until the 7th August 2014, even after pearson lost his court case as an absent claimant a month earlier, he was still emailing threatening correspondance.

"Next time I hear you have been talking about me at network meetings i'll be round at your place."

Does this man barry 'bazzer' pearson have no pride in his own business? that's a question we can all ask ourselves, personnally, I dont know how he can show his face to his own staff. How many opportunities does he need to re-invent himself and change his ways? the title of this page should be "the bloke who ruins it, not who runs it". Even when he emails a customer to tell them to 'go fuck themselves' he actually cc's one of his own employees... as if to boast - really, what sort of message does that send out?


When I receive an email in my inbox with the subject "SHIT Service" I know its going to be another disgruntled customer of Expert Print.

As one email said from a guy who made a very small order over christmas "having had problems with this 'SHOWER OF SHIT', I came across this blog. Wish I'd seen it before ordering!"

- we're sorry too, and that comment just goes to show exactly why this blog is here.



Click here to read what happened when barry went a little peculiar and lied to the police just before the easter break 2014.... Actually lied to the police! read it, its incredible.

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I researched several online companies to do my very simple printing job, ThePrintingPress, Aura Print and a company in doncaster called expert print.

I chose expert print, a big mistake!! They have been a fucking disgrace, they royally screwed up both my orders and misled me, telling me one was already on its way when they hadn't even given it to the courier:- as the couriers own manifest has proven. These webpages are based upon proven facts, documents, emails and fair comment.

It was looking like my turnaround time was going to be two weeks instead of the original 3-4 days stated on their website and acknowledged on the phone, so I found another printer and asked expert print if they could guarentee I would get it on the wednesday or I would have to cancel. They promised I would get it on wednesday morning... but they didnt even do the job and get it on the van till wednesday afternoon and spent all day wednesday sending me random made up emails about courier problems and driver issues.

My second order was thirty percent short... what did expert print do about it? fuck all. An embarrasing level of service.

It's been
1795 days, 18 hours, 22 minutes, 9 seconds Since Expert Print Ltd screwed up the second job I placed with them.

In my opinion you should be extra careful using this company, Pearson says 'he started in the print trade 10 years ago and takes massive pride in what he's created at Expert Print'. MASSIVE PRIDE?... really?

Click here to read what happened when barry pearson from expert print ltd went a bit off script and started ranting, barry pearson expert print. I think he comes across in a weird way. Mostly its playground insults which is very immature, saying things such as "I'm not your friend" :- extraordinary use of words for a grown man!

Click here to read what happened when barry went wild and lied to the police just before the easter break 2014.

I would not recommend this company, my experience is that this company didnt really seem to care about giving me a good customer experience.

I made just two orders with this company and both were royally fucked up by expert print ltd in doncaster. There were lies and exagerations, I didnt even get the whole of my second order, it was thirty percent light, but when you complain you're referred to as weird and making a mountain out of a molehill, it really was an awful demonstration of how to do business.

Expert Print ltd is run by a bloke called barry pearson, pearson basically says, 'he's far to busy to talk to customers about small jobs' so you will receive short shrift. Mine is no isolated incident, I've been contacted by another customer who had very poor service twelve months ago, he's still seething even now, it was a job for his biggest client, it got the full expert print service of what he describes as crap. He thinks expert print should be reported to someone. Then there's brett stubbings, he works on the shop floor, I think he's the one that gets days of the week all mixed up and has a bit of trouble counting, and jayne, Jayne Hardy, shes probably the best of the bunch, she answers the phone, but in pearsons own words, she gets one order confused with another....

doncasters finest.

Here is one of the many email threads I received during this whole sorry saga. Bear in mind, I was told I would get my delivery on wednesday morning, so I waited in with my client and his delivery people, and we waited all day, waiting for a knock on the door, a knock that was never going to come. Its not about having a failed delivery, its about being told the package was on its way to me when its not even on the van. I just wanted expert print to acknowledge they had been shabby and fullfill my orders in full and complete on all promises they had made. If pearson had just done that instead of spouting nonsense I wouldnt have had to notify good people about how to get actually get proper printing done by expert printers.

Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 9:02 AM
Hi Brett
Is there any news on this delivery?


Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 10:43 AM
Jeff I will call them and try and get you an accurate time for delivery

Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 12:18 PM
Hi Brett

Did you have any luck with this?


Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 12:21 PM
They had an issue with their systems I call them again 10 minutes ago.
They said they would call me back, so as soon as they do I will let you know.

Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 12:33 PM
Cheers Brett
And thanks for making the extra effort to get it to me on Wednesday morning.

Much appreciated. (sarcasm)

Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 12:36 PM
No problems to be fair we have an on-going issue with them as we pay extra for deliveries and they are causing me too many headaches.
The amount of times I rush to get a print completed and then they mess me about is stupid, we are currently looking for a new courier.
Thanks again for your understanding, if you do place any further orders I will make sure you receive a discount.

Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 2:39 PM
Jeff I’m now trying to get the drivers mobile to chase this.
My sincere apologies

Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 4:11 PM
This is shocking Brett.

Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 4:30 PM
Have you still not got them Jeff?

Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 4:37 PM
No, not yet

Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 4:45 PM
Jeff I’m fuming with them just called and they have advised me it may not get there today, driver problems.
They have informed me that they can guarantee it for 9am, is this ok??? I will speak to them about some sort of refund and then pass this onto you.

Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 4:49 PM
Not really much choice Brett

Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 4:52 PM
Well I know Jeff,
All I can do is apologise on their behalf.
The fact that I printed this quicker and got it out makes it even more frustrating for me.
Please confirm with me first thing that you received this and then I will call you tomorrow PM when I’ve spoken with their management.



I know things can go wrong, brett was fuming(errrmmm)! I understand couriers can have problems and drivers can have issues... but when my package arrived on thursday morning I got my tracking number and I called the courier company, they claimed that the package made it into their possession on wednesday night, not tuesday night. and didnt have any record of all this palavar. "I will speak to them about some sort of refund and then pass this onto you." - really? "speak with their management... give me a call" - really?

take what you want from that, personally, with the information I have subsequently gathered, it would appear that the package hadnt been dispatched at all and I sat there all day being told it was on its way. A genuine error, a mix up, confusion, who knows, but pearson and his cronies have not been able to explain this properly. I'll follow this up with some screen grabs and couriers records soon.

my second order was for tweny ncr pads of fifty sheets, there seemed to be an issue counting to twenty so they stopped at fourteen, strange. I was asked if i had counted them properly. wait, so, 15,16,17,18,19,20 comes after 14. the package was 30% light and what did expert print do about it. fuck all.

obviously, as is their tradition, brett promised I would get them on monday morning, monday came and went.

this was bretts last contact about the shortfall in the order.....


I will have to print the remainder and post out to you??


still waiting!

expert shambles! another six weeks went by and many more emails were exchanged before expert print in doncaster finally realised that if a customer pays for something... they have to supply it, this they eventually and reluctantly did. The second set was so much better, the quality was hugely increased and the customer service and communication level had also taken on a proper mode. If they could just change the theatrics that go on when an order starts to go wrong, they could do quite well but if they continue to let barry 'bazzer' pearson loose on the email, all the good efforts that some of the emloyees make, will be in vein.